Antiques Catalogue


Frames & Mirrors

I am a firm believer in the artistic and creative value of the manual ability that is at the core of the work of the artisan, I love to create one of-a-kind and truly personalized objects, whether based on a sketch or following the suggestions of the client.

Here you find a list of typical models both for frames and mirrors that you can personalize according to your own taste.

baroque woodcarved frame
woodcarved lamp

Chandeliers & Appliques

The traditional methods that I use vary depending on the object. For instance, if I have to make a piece ex novo, I start with a drawing and then I build it on clay to exactly determine its proportions. Only then I start carving the wood and ultimately finish it.

I make frames above all but, as the same of medieval artisans, I make also lamps, chandeliers, appliques and all the ancient lighting devices.



Artisans always considered the quality of one’s work as the most important value and that also goes for me. It doesn’t matter if I work for myself or for a client: the product must be impeccably executed.

Here you find all kind of furnishings, from tables and consolles to portal, friezes and coals.

woodcarved tables